I'm looking for a woman who is positive, energetic, and believes in herself. I am interested in meeting a woman who is active and outgoing, but who also enjoys just sitting back and relaxing sometimes. I appreciate someone who can crack a witty joke, but who can also be philosophical at times. I am looking for someone who values "experiences" over "things."
I value honesty and integrity, and I would expect my companion to do the same. I would like to meet someone who is genuine, who does not play games who's not afraid to show interest or affection toward others. Outwardly, I am looking
for someone who takes care of herself, but who is not
pretentious, self-centered, or overly preoccupied with material things NEED I SAY MORE ... If i can trust you i can
love you.Speaking of numbers follow the numbers as i label and send  a text if you think you've figured it out.6.
Romance1. Love4. Happiness9. Trust2. Commitment9.
Communication7. Believe1. Romance3. Honesty6. Constant
messaging.Only the smart man can get the best from a woman..send me a text if you've figured it out ... Am interested in friendship and companionship for now. single male looking for a relationship, I am straight up, Don't like to play games... I just enjoy living life....I love to
touch and be touched. I also love the outdoors, sports and
boating.. Date: 614.I am a fun, down to earth man that's loves adventure, trips, looking for fabulous finds to add to
my collection of tropical art. Time: 929..Loves animals especially dogs. Very professional, secure and good looking.
Day: -7136.. I want  you to understand the numbers starting up from my Date,Time and Day. gives you a full digit to reach me , send me a text if you've figured it out ...Loves the outdoors, sun, sand, water!! I am now able to have the
opportunity for new beginnings, new life, focusing on me now. I know exactly what I want!! You can send me a message on Kik messenger larrytanner797 is my Kik id or yahoo messenger. Larrytanner797 is my yahoo id


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