I don't seek perfection because I am not perfect. Describing oneself is never easy, but here I go. I am just a normal guy Who has so much love inside and is ready and willing to share it with the right woman. I am honest, respectful, caring, loyal, independent and mindful of others around me. I enjoy intimate evenings, movies, reading, and weekend getaways. Like to play tennis, and spend time at the gym.I like being happy every moment of my life. Am a very sensual,open-minded, outgoing, funny,caring,romantic and passionate person. I love life and love to see the glass half full. I am always mesmerized by the ocean and want the person I am with to feel a connection also. I love to be fun and spontaneous and enjoy each day finding something joyful to smile about,I'm forgiving and accept people for who they are even with their flaws, and that's exactly the type of person I'd like to have in my life.I like animals like horse,dogs,cat and birds. I just want to be happy, want to love and be loved back. Let's put the record straight I am not here to waste your time, so don't waste mine. Life is unpredictable, changes always come along, in big and small ways, to find someone and never have them take your love for granted, to have your love grow more and more every day. Someone who is your lover, best friend and confidant, where there is 100% trust, honesty, love, support and respect without mind games or power struggles just a great deal of affection expressed freely towards one another. The first face you see in the morning, the last when you close your eyes, and the last to hold your hand when you die.True unconditional LOVE.


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