What does a guy say about himself on the Internet? Not sure, but here goes... on the personal side I'm a self-confident nice guy / gentleman type that is very comfortable in social situations, but frankly, I enjoy one-on-one situations even more. I really value the quiet times at home. But at the same time I love being active (love golf,riding bikes,driving,etc.

I'm looking for a female friend at this point. I have no idea where friendship will go, but to suggest more without knowing the person just doesn't make sense to me. I would like to meet someone who is kind, generous in spirit, smart, funny, attractive and who enjoys a wide spectrum of things -- ranging from the formal setting to a very casual setting. Someone who is enjoys live theater as well as going to a simple movie. Someone who enjoys dining out at a fancy restaurant to scrambling eggs together at home for dinner. I love to travel (especially to warm places in the winter). That's important to me too.My sense is that many people like to do these same things, so what's really important is the kind of chemistry we have together. There are lots of wonderful people out there, but not always the right spark...


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